Tip 2: Pause and Scroll

In her latest post, Vicky shows how to make your annotations more accurate by pausing and scrolling while WormWatching.



Hey guys!

I’ve noticed from the data and on the discussion board that many of you miss the egg and press ‘z’ a little too late. Not to worry! This next tip will show you how to go back to the egg-laying event and press ‘z’ at the right time. It’s really simple.

Tip Of The Day: Press ‘z’ while the video is paused

It’s so easy to miss an egg, especially when the worm is moving so quickly! Have a look at this example:

Did you see the egg-laying first time? Believe me, I didn’t!

If you miss an egg-laying, pause the video by clicking on it. Scroll back to exactly when the worm lays the egg and press ‘z’. The time is recorded on the right hand side of the video.

Wormwatching just got a whole lot easier!

Until next time ~~~


About André Brown

I'm a scientist with the Medical Research Council in the UK.

3 responses to “Tip 2: Pause and Scroll”

  1. peter allen says :

    My video will not start. Hit an X a few times: nothing. Cookies are active. Using Mozilla.

    • André Brown says :

      The best place to post questions like this is the help section of the talk page ( http://talk.wormwatchlab.org/ ). If you provide some more details there someone might be able to help. Thanks for giving it a try and I hope it’s working for you soon.

  2. David says :

    Worms Are So Cute 😀

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